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the story

Established in late 1993, the property began as empty pastures and groves of walnut trees. Then owners, Joe and Nanette Yarborough, started to develop the land into the beautiful place it is now. As a certified Master Gardener, Nannette created gardens, orchards, walking paths, and quiet retreats all over the property. The name Walnut Hill came organically from a stand of black walnut trees that overlook to pastures and pond.

In an interview with Llama Banner Magazine, Joe said this, 

"We wanted to do something with the property that included alternative livestock. We had heard that llamas, with their light-footed step and grazing habits, were very kind to the land. Having seen a llama at a state fair, Nanette fell in love with its gentleness and was equally impressed with its cleanliness and intelligence."

And so the Yarboroughs turned the rolling hills into an impressive llama farm complete with its own veterinary clinic.


In 2007, after many great years, the herd was sold and Joe and Nanette decided to create a space for events and weddings. The Hilltop Barn was transformed into a lovely reception hall and the surrounding grounds were redesigned and gardened by Nannette. 


Kasey and Julie Carpenter purchased the property in 2013 with plans to continue the legacy of offering a uniquely classic space for events and weddings. Renovations continued in order to create more event spaces and lodging. A set of stables were turned into lovely suites as well as two buildings being remodeled as cottages. The Main House retained its splendor as a guest house with the repurposing of the garage into an additional venue space. 


Over the years, Walnut Hill Farm has changed and evolved, but the natural splendor of the rolling hills and glorious trees have made this property timeless. We invite you to come and share in the beauty of North Georgia with us. 

meet the owners


Kasey & Julie Carpenter

Kasey and Julie live in Dalton, Georgia with their four children. They own several businesses in town and love being able to see Dalton grow as both a great place to raise a family 

and as a tourist destination. 

They purchased the farm in 2013 and have been continually striving to create an amazing space for couples to embark on marital bliss. 

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